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About Us

Evenstad's Student Society is a student run non-profit organization focused on improving student welfare and wellbeing. Our board works with the administration and student body to provide events, equipment, and excitement throughout the school year. 


Student society offers plenty of different opportunities based on the season and club schedules. These range from photography walks to kayaking trips and more.


All funds collected by student society goes right back into the students by purchasing new equipment and repairing existing ones.    

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About Evenstad

Evenstad is a tiny campus right on the river Glomma, surrounded by mountains and farmland.

Serving nearly 250 students from Norway and abroad, the campus focuses on Applied Ecology and Forestry. 


When not in class you can find students grabbing a bite at the cantina, toasting in the sauna, or catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Never hesitate to ask us questions about campus, Norway, or just school in general. We're here to help!

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